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Inphinity Studio






In The HeArt of Cosmic Language of Creation...

Inphinity Design was founded in Barcelona and currently developing our designs in our hometown Izmir, Turkey. We use our professional approach to study and practice Nature itself and its mathematical & harmonic language in order to apply its graceful touch to various designs to get more aligned with Mind, Body & Soul as we interact with our pure reflections and raise our collective vibration.






Who we are?

- Star Dusts, Nature Lovers, Cosmic Seekers

            of Universal Harmony


We greet you as new children of upcoming age, we gather as a art collective of designers, artists, urban designers, psychologists and solution seeks in order to share our collective passion with you.

What we offer?

Through custom design solutions with a design thinking approach we offer graceful hand of universal harmonics into your interior spaces, studios, or personal environments.

We have been experiencing these designs’ guidance and healing effects since have started our adventure, and now, we believe it’s time to share these meaningful experiences with all radiant sparks.

What type of vibrations you would like to bring in?

What do you need in your space? 

Let’s co-create something special for you, with you...