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Inphinity HeArt-Core

 What's ALL about? 


all is one consciousness

All is ONE

"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

Leonardo da Vinci

Everything is connected; both internally and externally, both on a micro scale to the macro scale, all forms of life are interconnected.

Many great pioneers on scientific field such as Nassim HarameinJohn Hagelin and many others come to the conclusion that we are living as a Unified Field of Consciousness. Whereby all participants affect the co-creative outcome of our reality in a greater way than we may think. 

Within today's scientific insights, we are able to understand how we are all ONE, as Ancient Teachings say..


unity consciousness, collective harmony

UNITY Consciousness

"Love is the bridge between you and everything."

Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi

 What you give is what you receive. By giving more to yourself and to others, you can change the world we all live in...

When we understand how everything is interconnected with All, this realization brings Harmony & Balance into the deeper parts of ourselves, with a greater picture. When we understand there is no difference between me-you-us-them, and then we start to perceive everything around ourselves as a reflection of ourselves; shining and smiling beauties through you..

At that moment of epiphany, you realize that being loving, kind and compassionate to "others" is being loving, kind and compassionate to "you". 

All is you, you are facing with... 



Flower of Life Communication with the Divine

Communication with the Divine

As we start to read the Language of Life in everywhere we look, presence of multidimensional communication begins to unfold within us. The Great Spirit interacting with us in every way, every moment..

And this journey has bought us to you as we create & experiment with Meditative Art where we can communicate with the Divine through hyper-dimensional connection. It's one of the simplest meditation techniques that we can practice present moment and beyond, by interacting with the beauty of perfection that whispers deeper secrets to us. 

Through this communication we may start to see, hear, feel and understand some things, as like a messages or guidance.. 

Even by just gazing at Sacred Geometry helps to transform and activate our codes which are mostly inactive in today's world. We should always remember that everything we see today, we accomplished with our limited, less than 5% overall capacity..

There are many more secrets waiting us to be unfolded. Ancient civilizations believed that this teaching educate & inspire the soul by cultivating creative energy which is within all of us.


We believe, this is the best present we can give to you, and to others, through you...